Printer Head Cleaning Kits

A printer head cleaning kit to help to clean and maintain printers print heads is a good idea. It does not matter what inks you are printing with, normal inkjet inks, dye sublimation edible or K3 print inks, sooner or later you will get a some level of blockage that the printer head cleaning utility will struggle to clear without help. This is where the head cleaning kit comes in handy, by breaking down the dried ink causing the blockage.

One of our head cleaning kits will typically consist of an empty set of Refillable Cartridges that will suit your printer model and a 100ml bottle of ink cleaning fluid, with a syringe and a blunt needle. Different ink types that are used will require different cleaning fluids to break down the dried ink. An obvious one for the food industry would be only using an edible ink cleaning fluid on an edible printer setup to avoid chemical contamination from non edible cleaning fluids. 

Using a head cleaning kit is our preferred method of applying cleaning fluid. Simply fill the empty refillable cartridges with the cleaning fluid and the cartridges can then be installed into the printer. With the cleaning cartridges installed into the printer, run a couple of head cleaning cycles through the printers utilities menu and leave to stand for a few hours, then run another head cleaning cycle to push the dried ink out. This allows the cleaning fluid to start to break down any dried inks that are causing the blockages. You may have to repeat this process several times to clear the more stubborn blockages and in some instances the blockage may be unable to be cleared.

Another good use of a cleaning kit is as a preventive measure to minimise the risk of blocked print heads. This applies to those that only use their printer occasionally. We recommend that all ink jet printers using any kind of inks should be used at least once a week however, for those that do not wish to run their printer like this, a preventative regime should be in place.

If after the last print job is done you know that you are not going to run the printer for a while, remove the ink cartridges and install the cleaning cartridges and run cleaning fluid through the system which will give the print heads a better chance of not blocking. When next ready to use the printer, run a couple of head cleans with the cleaning cartridges that were left in and then switch back to the normal ink cartridges.

Printer output does deteriorate over time and it is normally owing to a partial print head block. Using the on board printer utilities will clear most partial print head blocks but now and again more serious blockages occur. Using our cleaning fluid will assist in clearing some of these blockages by breaking down the dried sublimation inks to allow the system head cleaning utility to be run which will push any broken down sublimation ink residue through the print head. This will then allow normal printing.

As a company we will make up individualised kits to suit your printer model. If you need advice on this please feel free to telephone us on one of our local rate telephone numbers: 0845 309 6375 or 0345 309 6375.

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